Fashion Drawing Sessions: Shading with Nancy Riegelman


Drawing is the most powerful tool of fashion design. The more realistic we make our drawings the easier it is to understand our designs. Objects take their three-dimensional appearance from the patterns of shadow and light that appear on their surfaces so to make objects appear realistic in drawings we imitate those patterns—we employ shading.

This video shows how to shade the figure and garments of different fits and silhouettes, different types of drape, folds, seams, a variety of pleats and, bringing it all together, how to shade the full fashion figure.

Featured: Fashion v other design drawing, tools for shading, shading the body, tight- v loose-fitting garments, tailored garments, light source, loose garments, drape, folds, cascade fold, cowl, spiral drape, gathers, pleats—accordion pleats, knife pleats, angled drapes, bringing it all together

Running time: 27.45 minutes

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