Consult FFS


Would you like some personal time with an expert of fashion illustration? Please make sure to read the description of how and what is acceptable for submission. We look forward to personally analyzing your fashion illustration questions.

Drawings can be submitted for evaluation to a professional team of fashion design and illustration experts headed by Nancy Riegelman.

Up to 5 black and white or 3 color drawings can be submitted per “question”. Drawings should be submitted as digital images to If more drawings are submitted then additional ‘question units’ should be purchased from the store. Drawings should be scanned in 24 bit color or greyscale for black and white drawings at 300 dpi. 

Drawings will be printed and comments/corrections made directly on the images which will be scanned and returned as digital images. If necessary new drawings will be sent to suggest new directions to be taken.

Once purchased you will receive an email from us with directions and other important information on sending the work.

Responses to questions will be sent within 3 to 4 business days of receiving questions.

Drawings submitted for questions will not be used for any purpose other than the making of copies to reply to the question without the express permission of the owner of the drawings.


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