Fashion Drawing Series: Drawing Embellishments with Nancy Riegelman


Embellishments—also known by a number of names such as adornments, decorative elements or ornamentations­–are seen on many fashionable garments and are often the key feature of the garment, so must be drawn accurately.  Referring to virtually any decorative feature that is not part of the body of a garment but is permanently attached to it, “embellishments” covers a wide range of fashion items such as embroidery, beading and other jewels, appliqué, piping, fabrics and others.

In this video Nancy Riegelman shows the correct way to draw a range of the most important hard- and soft-edged embellishments on various garments.

Featured: Hard edged/soft edged embellishments; sequins, paillettes, beads/pearls, appliqué flowers, embroidery, fringe, feathers, fur

Running time: 27.18 minutes

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