Fashion Drawing Sessions: Drawing the Fashion Face with Nancy Riegelman


Drawing the Fashion Face
To be considered well-drawn and effective the fashion face must meet a number of conditions: First, the face must be drawn correctly--any slight deviation from the correct size or placement of the features makes the face look distorted and will easily spoil an otherwise well-made fashion drawing. Second, the face must be
fashionable: skin and eye make-up fashions change as frequently as garment fashions and must look up-to-date. Third, the face is a billboard where we can post information about the garments: the age range, the occasions, the markets they were intended for. We need to know how to post that This video shows how to draw faces that meet these conditions and create realistic and attractive fashion faces.

Featured: Front view face, features, shading the face, shaping the hair, tilted heads, three-quarter face, side view face

Running time: 33.59 minutes


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